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connect with an engaged network of over 100,000 active users through their love for music.

get the right campaign for your brand!

let your brand capture the attention of an engaged audience through our 100,000 active users. aftown reaches an engaged local audience at scale in your market. As listeners interact with aftown, your brand becomes part of their musical journey.

make. create. innovate.

brand design & strategy

your message is seamlessly integrated into a natural listening experience,
creating a personal connection with your audience across our

audio everywhere

reach your audience wherever they’re listening with :10, :15 or :30 second audio spots. our audio everywhere product weaves your message seamlessly into the listening experience, across all platforms, and is amplified with a visual presence on web, mobile and tablet.

content production

your brand thrives on content, and that’s our forte! Our services include  developing videos & photos, infographics, flyers, and new ideas that will put life into your brand.

we’ll show you how it’s done

we help firms identify all the little details needed in developing their brands. from visual identity to strategies, structure and culture. together we’ll bring the best out of your business.

live radio.

aftown tv.

in-app ads.

aftown provides the perfect platform for brands to further promote & market their content, products & services. our promotional mediums cut across in-app advertising, social media ads, events, email marketing, and traditional marketing via our TV Shows on DGN (The Daily Guide Network TV).

advertising tools

there are 8 different ad mediums on aftownapp, audio ads, display ads, MPU’s, homepage takeovers, branded playlists, lightbox and the advertisers page.

the audio ad includes spots of up to 30 secs of advertising just before a song is played.

branded Playlists – get your brand on one of our music mixes or playlists. your logo on the cover, sweepers in the audio as well as social media posts.

push Notifications – get a direct 30 character message sent instantly to all our over 6000 app users, across IOS & android.

splash Page – have your logo or promotional flyer appear as the first thing our users see when they open the aftown app.

adverstising channels

aftown show

get mentions or TVC playson our official tv show;aftown buzz

push notifications

with over 65,000 app downloads, you can get push notifications to a direct audience passionate about music content  and events

web & app sliders

use our sliders to promote your content and also direct users to a website or page with futher details we are currently at an average of 10,200 users a day

streaming playlists

by sponsoring a playlist, your brand connets with listeners on their favourite playlists.we’ll have a playlist thet compliments your brand and connects with your target audience. our playslists already have a passionate, loyal fan base, ensuring that your brand is amplified and heard.

TV playlist

we have a total of 2, 20 mins video playlsit spots on DGN(Daily Guide Network Television) daily.

on this platform we will provide a squeeze back that will advertise your product/service

our partners

let’s get started

aftown for brands gets your message in front of your audience as they stream what they love.!

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